...:Amor Vacui:....
Tha’s heard’t howl ut wolf Down’t Agbrigg way Tha knows t’beast in’t wood theer An up on’t moor, she roams theer an all Shut thus flep an she’ll not hear thee Step’d on’t branch, th wolf step’d o’er mardy Tha’s stark legs move ar’a pace But tha’s too lame t’beat her Alone an thee hear’t wolf cry; Agbrigg! Threap an she’ll bite thee no mistake Thoil thus burden an break fert wood Through unkerd wood an moor-fog Laiking bairn in’t wood an thus blood curdles   She’s on’t way tha shout but he’s gut torn Yer off before his heart stops, beast in’tow Dassent breathe in nor out and hide by’t rock Then that old howl and tha drops down dead Alone again, tha’ll hear’t wolf cry, Agbrigg!
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Lost Flood - demo I
14:58 democassette:

Ryan from the band S.H.IT. by D. Reid
14:52 l-homme-que-je-suis:

Valters Medenis Backstage @ Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2015 | Paris Fashion Week | Photographed by Harry Carr
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A US Air Force Lieutenant is held captive by a young North Vietnamese girl soldier, 1967.
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Rachel Goswell (Slowdive, Mojave 3)
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Playing Grand Rapids, Michigan next Friday.
19:35 Skurv - Trumpets Of War
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