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Leeds, UK
18:33 afxtwin:

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still from aphex twin - come to daddy (directed by chris cunningham, director of photography simon chaudoir)
whitey: Yeah I'm done with all things like that in bands, I either like something or don't. Cheap as chips! Aye it's what I like about gigs, can't be arsed spending too much unless its worth it (but it always is haha).

Aye waste of time man. Do you know who’s playing with LFY? I haven’t had a proper look but I’m hoping it’s someone half decent. I haven’t been stoked for a show in time! Do you have the new sump tape? Murder sounded real good

iPhone app takes the piss
i picture you dressed like gorgoroth and a go kart GWAR would design

Although we’ve never met in person you know me far to well 8¬]


Dad’s taking me go karting later :~}

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Hugh Lippe
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Michelangelo ‘La Pietà’
20:07 kylindrikoianthropoi:

IDIOT STROSZEK/VED HÅNDEN split, “Svart Galla” (Black Bile, Melancholia)

C20, to be released by Hatets Dok, in Sweden, in 22 copies.

Really excited about this. Reece’s black metal is distgustingly awesome!

save your money and buy our black metal. Both reece and I will surely appreciate it